4 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Chocolate Diamond

Selecting the right chocolate diamond ring can be a difficult delight, especially if it is your first time shopping for a chocolate diamond ring. There are a few things that you should consider when purchasing a chocolate diamond ring.


Color and Saturation

Before you plan on purchasing a chocolate diamond ring, the very first thing you need to know is what a chocolate diamond looks like. Commonly, Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds are a brown hue with a saturation grades that levels at either C-4 to C-7. The higher the saturation, the darker the tone and coloration of the diamond. Diamonds that have deeper saturation are considered a rare chocolate diamond. Below is a reference of Le Vian Chocolate Diamond scale:

(Image Accredited by: LeVian)

Consideration Of Design & Style

Deciding the type of design and style of chocolate diamond can also be challenging. If l you will use the 14ct Strawberry gold standard or the 14ct White gold standard? Will it be a classical ring or more modern? Normally a jewelry designer should be able to assist you with your design, however consider all options of the type of elements that you can associate to the pattern of the ring. Below are a few examples of some of the best collections from Le Vian;

Characteristic Match

A lot of people that wear jewelry don’t really realize that apart from the jewelry’s design, it has to match your skin pigment tone. Matching your color tone is important, otherwise a jewelry set may not suite you and may not appear very attracting. Therefore, you should always consider the coloration of the person whom will be wearing the jewelry set, determine whether or not it will suit them or not. Sometimes color-gem stones combination in design can enhance the appearance and increase the attractiveness of such. If you find yourself struggling with the design, try associating gem-stones to your design, perhaps it can change the overall theme and style of the chocolate diamond ring.

Who Said That Size Doesn’t Matter?

Size matters when it comes to the ring that you need for that special person. Make sure that you know their proper ring size, and if you know that they will be wearing the ring for a long time, it’s always best to get the ring sized a bit slightly bigger than the actual size. Having a slightly bigger ring will ensure comfort wearing the ring for long periods of time.

Selecting a chocolate diamond ring and how satisfied you are with the final selection, depends on you. However you must have some sort of a concept as per to what kind of chocolate diamond ring you are looking for and whether  or not if it will suite the person you are getting the chocolate diamond for.

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