Fitness Fads that you should stay away from!

Everyone desires to have a fit body, for that purpose people spend a lot of money on the fitness products that are promoted on late night commercials. They are the flop ones and people get fooled by them. But not anymore, here is a list of fitness fads that is a great flop.

Vibrating Platforms

They claim to make couch potatoes slimmer and healthier. That’s not true, as if vibrating platforms would make a person slimmer so public transports would have already done that. Many people have wasted more than enough money on this shaky platform which doesn’t even give satisfying any results. Users say they felt better after getting off the vibrating platform.

Sauna Suits

They look like trash bags more than suits. The purpose of these suit is to make the user sweat several pounds while their workout. Instead, these suits caused heat strokes, muscle ache and collapsing. And the weight immediately used to increase when person started eating. So sauna suits are definitely a bad idea.

8 Minute Abs

This was early 80’s craze introduced to get washboard stomach and abs in 8 minutes, which is probably stupid to think as if 8 minutes workout gives you abs so you can have 6 packs in 6 minutes too. Abs require full body conditioning, cardio and healthy diet plan. Nothing happens in a few minutes, it requires a lot of hard work.

Exercise In A Bottle

This is a drug that stops your body from gaining weight. But do you think if the drugs are stopping your weight gain so your body must be paying a high price for it. A lot of money has been wasted over this and the consumers confirmed that it’s just a disappointment and waste of money.

Toning Shoes

These shoes have claimed to help you exercise better and burns your calories faster. People who believe that, doesn’t belong to this planet. These shoes became a fashion statement for a while, Kim Kardashian even endorsed it but at last, they were nothing more than a regular pair of shoes.

Dumbbell Utensils

This invention has been making people laugh, as they are only heavy folks and knife made for the foodies so they even lift weight while eating. It never stopped anyone from eating, it was a headache only which used to make eating hard.


Diet Pills

People are consuming pills for a very long time. Diet pills were introduced for the people who wanted to lose weight only with pills. But studies have shown what bad idea diet pills are. You can also end up being an addict.

Cleansing Liquid Diets

Cleansing is good if it’s about taking a shower, but taking a liquid diet for several weeks is a different case. Our body is created in a way that all toxic things get cleansed itself so doctors and scientists say that liquid cleansing diets are unnecessary and taking proper meals is a better option.


This is what we collected for you about the flop fitness fads from which you should stay away.

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