Fitness For Adults With ADHD

The digital era of exercise apps has been helping every individual stay healthy and maintain their health. People with ADHD are also using specially designed exercise apps to help them stay focused, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

What is ADHD?

ADHD refers to Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that hampers the learning process and troubles the social and cognitive development in both children as well as adults. As a matter of fact, 60% of people looking for exercise apps suffer from ADHD. A recent study conducted by the Journal Obesity found out that adult ADHD is linked with being overweight or obese. Some experts suggest that binge-eating may be a getaway method of ADHD patients to distract themselves.

How exercise apps can help?

Exercise apps can help people with ADHD to utilize their energy. Research suggests that people with ADHD have too much pent-up energy that must be utilized in the day for them to operate normally. Rigorous exercises help them utilize this energy in a constructive manner and relieve ADHD hyperactivity symptoms. These exercise apps help you schedule your workout and increases the likelihood of continuing with the regime. Deploying technology like health and fitness apps and alarms can help you stay on track.

Some ADHD-friendly tips for maintaining an exercise routine

  • Setting realistic goals

A lot of people with ADHD set unrealistic goals, which when remain unmet, make them demotivated. You will find multiple exercise apps that allows you to choose a duration for your exercise. Instead of selecting the higher limit and not being able to do it, select a lower limit. This will allow you to overdo your limit and keep you motivated.

  • Fulfil your goals

Some exercise apps give you constant reminders to exercise, choose such an app for your use. This way you won’t allow yourself to bag it until you have completed the goal you have set for yourself.

  • Keep a track

Keeping a track is imperative. You must be able to see how far you have come and what you have achieved. Exercise apps are also built on this idea nowadays that helps you track your progress on a weekly/bi-monthly or monthly basis.

  • Object of interest

There are numerous ADHD-friendly exercise apps that offer something of interest to the user. It is a common factor that people with ADHD gets bored very easily and that they require some object of interest to keep them motivated.

  • Don’t listen to the inner voice

As a person with ADHD, you might come across a voice telling you to not exercise today and do it tomorrow. Do not let any such voice sabotage your goals.

For people with ADHD, exercise apps are an excellent way to channelize their energy and use it to their benefit. These apps also help them stay focused and lose the extra pounds. This is important because research suggests that people with ADHD are more likely to become obese. Fight it off with actionable exercise app