Not everyone believes in alternative treatments, but those who do, they swear by them. Precious gems and stones have been associated with healing, happiness, misfortune, and bad luck throughout human history. One of the most popular examples is the Kohinoor, a stunning piece weighing 105 carats that is associated with a lot of pain and misfortune.

Some believe diamonds to be very powerful stones that have the ability to amplify the powers of other minerals and gems worn along with it. Other than that, these sparkling stones have also been used to cure various ailments related to fluid retention in the body. However, diamonds come in different colors, and each color is associated with a different kind of aura and energy.

Chocolate Diamonds®

These earthy colored stones may be sold under different names depending on the shade of brown they are. Not very rare, these diamonds are easily affordable and you should consider them if you are interested in the powers they have to offer. Chocolate Diamonds® are associated with stability, a sense of orderliness, and a state of peace. They are most recommended for individuals who are going through lots of tumultuous events.

Black diamonds

Real black diamonds are rare and thankfully so too. These rare stones lackluster and are associated with hate, anger, malice, and a host of other negative emotions. It is important to know real from artificial ones because some black diamonds are also made from irradiated green diamonds that do not have the same properties as these.

White diamonds

Black diamonds may have a negative vibe but white diamonds are known for their purity, cleanliness, and sanctity. If your soul resonates with the type of energy white diamonds have to offer, we think it is an investment worth it. Nothing is more important than health, not even money.

Green diamonds

Do you feel dead and lifeless without any reason to back it up? For people showing symptoms of depression and other related mental illnesses, green diamonds are known to be beneficial. They are quite rare and their properties are associated with giving the wearer vigor, vitality, and youthfulness. Of course, if you are an aged person, you won’t get any younger but you will definitely feel more energetic.

Blue diamond

Popular, as well as rare, blue diamonds, pack several healing properties. They also symbolize allegiance loyalty, friendship, and the afterlife. Some religions also believe that blue diamonds have mystical properties. In Buddhism for example, blue stones are considered to be a token for a safe journey.

Yellow diamonds

The color yellow is associated with warmth and joyfulness. It would only make sense for yellow diamonds to represent life energy. This energy radiated is also believed to cleanse the body and get absorbed into the soul; it nourishes the soul. These precious stones are not just attractive for their glimmering color, they also bring wearers a lot of positive vibes and good luck.