Important SEO Factors to Consider in 2019

In 2018, Google introduced unbelievable changes in its algorithm, these changes greatly affected site rankings. For example Google used artificial intelligence for around 30 percent of search queries. Remember, pages with most links don’t always rank on the top. In order to become visible by ranking on the top of the search engines.  You need to take a look at the following five SEO factors, in 2019 they can be of huge help.



Familiarization with Structured Data

In order to increase your website’s performance on Google, you need to structure your data. Structured data efficiently convey information about your brand/product/service. Data structuring seems difficult, however it is not. You can easily structure data by using templates and Google’s Structured Data testing tool. With efficient use of both tools, you can structure the kind of data required by website.


Avoid Making Mistakes

Your website can be penalized for improper and incorrect implementation of structured data. Therefore focus on avoiding following mistakes related to data structuring.

  1. Usage of unsuitable structured data.
  2. On-page content should be different from structured data.
  3. Avoid violating Google’s rules for particular data type
  4. Avoid violating Google’s general guidelines
  5. Avoid taking shortcuts.




Podcast Consideration

Sound gives emotion to your words, if you want to connect with your audience on personal level, podcast can help. It has become an incredible tool for consuming content on you site. It is reflected extension of content marketing, you should consider investing in podcast especially if your potential customers listen to it.


Focused Content

It is possibly, the best and foremost part of internet marketing. You may lose all the rankings you have seen all these years, if your content isn’t focused.


Improved SEO Images

Images don’t just make your page pretty, but they are considered important for SEO. Same importance should be given to images as it is given to titles and heading. Words together with images play important role in improving page rank. Ranking of the website can boost, if you showcase images in the enhanced listings.


Do not forget to use images that tell a story, images in proper sequence give better and deeper understanding. If for instance, the article is about a failure of process or company, consider showing images of car tires falling off or a ship hitting iceberg.


Image Optimization: Images measured in MBs may slow down ranking of your website. Heavy images demand higher bandwidth which eventually means extra charge your web host. Heavy images can also crash or slow down the server which means you can reach visitors that way you want.



Stay Up To Date

Following above mentioned tips can effectively improve your SEO, but if you put your focus on security, no one would be able to strong you from ranking on the top.  Continuously updating website is important. Consider using passwords that are difficult and ensure your plugins and add-ons are well written and regularly updated.


If you are looking to rank your website on the first page of the Google, Hire organic SEO agency, we have the experience and expertise to take care of all the mentioned guidelines.