Internet Celebrities: The New Face Of Marketing Campaigns?

Social media and other platforms alike have given rise to a new phenomenon: internet celebrities. These are people who have built themselves from the ground up and have gained a fan following from scratch. Such people have become famous by pleasing the tough crowd called the internet users.

People are picky about who they choose to follow on social media but when they do follow; they hang on to every word. As a result of this engagement, these non-celebrities, “normal” people become internet celebrities or influencers.  When these influencers recommend or praise a particular product, the follower base actually pays attention.

This is where influencer marketing comes in.

Here are a few examples of online platforms that can be harnessed as influencer marketing platforms.


YouTube is a popular video platform with about 1.5 billion users worldwide. It has thousands of celebrities with a fan base that eagerly waits for content from creators. This subscriber base is one of the most loyal types that we know of. This may be partly because of the raw experience many YouTubers provide their audience.

Read this statistic by Google: 70% of teenagers who are YouTube subscribers claim they relate more to their YouTube creators than traditional celebrities.

Needless to say, if the right creator champions your brand, you will see results.


Twitter consists of an army of users who generally like to be quite expressive. Many politicians use it as a quick way of communication. The “Twitterati”, as the users are called, is a strong force that should not be ignored. Twitter users are after all more willing to pay if a brand responds to them. All the more reason to create visibility on this platform and this includes social influencer marketing.


This photo and video sharing app is quite popular amongst 19-24 year olds and has been rocking the marketing world since only recently. Personalities such as beauty gurus, fitness models, fashion gurus, famous pet profiles, etc, have been dominating the platform. Majority of these influencers have a follower base less than 100,000 – these are micro-influencers. These must not be taken lightly; people are more likely to follow a recommendation by a micro influencer, according to Velocenetwork.


This platform is a favorite of influencer marketing companies because it is the most favored social media channel. (Pew Research Centre) considering this, Facebook is another hub for influencer marketing. accompanied by the options of providing ads and setting up their own pages for companies, no one can ignore this medium.

In fact, influencer marketing is not just a one-time campaign. It is long-term and requires expertise and experience that an influencer marketing agency can provide. With tools such as influencer marketing software and influencer search engines, a mixed approach can be taken to provide the best results.