Top five celebrity engagement rings of 2019

Celebrity engagements are always preceded by press coverage and some pizazz. Rightly so too; the engagement rings given in this union are breathtaking, gorgeous, and sometimes whimsical to match the celebrity’s unique style. 2019 is no different; as the year nears its end, we have made a list of our top five favorite celebrity engagement rings of the year up till now.


Elizabeth Olsen

The America actress got engaged sometime in August. Olsen is very private about her life so we don’t know when exactly they got engaged. The duo was seen out in the streets dressed comfortably with Elizabeth adorning a gorgeous cushion-cut emerald. The big green stone can be seen surrounded by smaller diamonds. We can bet passerby’s stopped in their tracks to get a glimpse of this stunner. We would have!

Jennifer Lawrence

Earlier this year news of Jennifer Lawrence, the American movie star, broke out. Weeks after she was seen wearing the ring multiple times out in the public. From the first sightings of the ring, it became clear that the couple had opted for sophisticated elegance. A single emerald cut diamond set on a thin platinum band. Experts assume the stone to be of four to five-carat with a cost of around $200,000.

Katy Perry

There is no better way to impress your significant other than getting engaged on Valentine’s Day when everyone is running high on happy hormones like oxytocin. Orlando Bloom chose this perfect to propose Katy Perry with a unique flower-shaped ring. As if the ring wasn’t feminine enough, the center stone is pink in color too. We aren’t complaining, though. This unconventional choice perfectly matches the singer’s whimsical style.

The floral halo setting ring is said to consist of an oval ruby at the center surrounded by white diamonds. All the stones are estimated to be around 4.5 carats, giving the ring worth $5 million.

Scarlett Johansson

The beautiful actress and singer just got engaged to Colin Jost, the Saturday Night Live writer. Her fiancé chose a unique ring to put on her finger, but one that has everybody falling head over heels nevertheless. It is an 11-carat fancy cut – pear-shaped to be precise – brown diamond nestling on a fancily shaped ceramic band. The color of the rock will immediately remind you of Chocolate Diamonds® and rightly too – it looks that gorgeous nestling on the movie superstar’s fingers. It has been rumored that the ring is by Taffin de Givenchy. The ring style is inspired by Art Deco.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

The sweet romance between Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger became official this year when Pratt proposed early this year in January. From the look soft it, the couple seems to be deeply in love!

Pratt proposed with an oval sparkling stone on a thin band. Just like Jennifer Lawrence’s ring, this engagement ring stood out and looked absolutely stunning.