What is the past, present and future of SEO

What is the past, present and future of SEO

The  SEO industry is growing rapidly and there is a lot of information about SEO marketing and tools out there. If you research about the position of SEO in the market and how long is it going to survive, you will get to see various opinions based on personal experiences and perceptions of many SEO experts.

However, if you ask us about our opinion on the life SEO, you will get to know many facts that you never knew before. Our extensive research on SEO marketing has enabled us to write about the past, present and future of SEO.

Read on to find out how does it look from our eyes!

The Past Of SEO

“In the days gone by, SEO began as an affiliation to an IT job. But it was more about using the best technical practices and deploying code. From the standpoint of money, we considered it the way we consider technical management budgets. It was all about luxury, and not a commodity. In those days most of the work was reserved for foreigners IT employees and it never factored into the decisions of small business seo services or online items.

The present of SEO

This is where we are—the present of SEO! Well… Things have really changed now, we witnessed many remarkable changes in the way SEO Tools are being implemented and the way they yield results. We also witnessed a shift within SEO marketing from keyword focus to topic focus. The present is in the flooded market. And because of ever increasing demand of SEO marketing, we have seen some SEO companies charging $90 cost per click for their effective SEO services. Back in 2012, there were 14 million blog posts with SEO applied in the title—which is definitely a huge value. If we walk about 2018, you can see a drastic advancement in the world of SEO marketing which is definitely enabling the SEO experts and SEO agencies to a build a brighter future.

The future of SEO

Are you wondering what’s next?

Growing technology or tools may overtake the practices again, as this has been happening for past few decades in most industries. We believe that SEO will stay within digital marketing in most of the companies for the foreseeable future, however, there could be a shift back to the world of information technology. Digital marketing experts also think this would better be driven by an appreciation of SEO’s value when it is done in the right manner. But in many marketing departments, it’s not more than a part of campaigns.


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